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cdrrazan's weekly! - Issue #3

Rajan Bhattarai
Rajan Bhattarai
Welcome to another issue of cdrrazan’s weekly!
In this week’s newsletter, we will talk about most in demand developer skills in 2019 and other resources. Also we will talk about the THREATCON event that happened for the first time in NEPAL this November 22 and 23.
[ NOTE: Not all contents are hosted by us. Some of the links are from Internet but trust us, they are clean and are sorted out. ]

1. Most In-Demand Developer Skills For 2019: Upgrade
Here are some interesting Facts and Stats on Developer Hiring Trends:
2. 29 Must Read Books For Programmers
These are some of the category of the books that you will find interesting to read as programmer.
3. Where to find Ruby on Rails developers for your next startup?
This post centers ruby on rails developers but it might be interesting that you can compare what you need as other { language / frameworks } devleloper.
4. Angular vs. Vue.js- A Handy Comparison Guide
This blog post compares Angular and Vue JS statistically for you to let know the significant difference if you are from other aspect of web development.
5. ThreatCon 2018 Conference in Nepal
From the threatcon website
THREAT CON is a new initiative that aims to facilitate a gateway to standard practices and create a new development within the field of cybersecurity- for developers, security practitioners, IT administrators or anyone interested. The idea of THREAT CON emerged out of the intention to bridge various actors active in computer security world, including but not limited to security professionals, security communities, systems and network administrator, organisations, students, law enforcement agencies, etc.
The event has happened already in 22 and 23rd Nov, 2018 in Kathmandu. Here are some slides and content from the seminar and workshop organizer shared with us.
I will add more in upcoming issues since the event took place just a day or two ago.
Rajan Bhattarai
With so many world renowned Hackers and Activist ( if I may ), Threat Con has definitely shown a new perspective on Nepali Developers and Security enthusiast. +1 For Organizers! [email protected]THREAT_CON [email protected]thapakazi_

Bonus Content:
This week we sort of started new section in as START-HERE for newcomers.
Start-Here/ Click to find out more info.
Thank you for joining us this weekend!
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Rajan Bhattarai
Rajan Bhattarai @cdrrazan

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